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Plushtrap Chaser is one of the many characters in the Old Man Consequences category. He costs 120 Tickets.


Plushtrap Chaser is a variation of Plushtrap who is less worn down. He has human eyes and teeth.

Original Role

Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch - "Out of Stock"

Plushtrap Chaser played an antagonistic role where it attacked the protagonist. It was capable of biting through anything, but would freeze in light. The protagonist exploited this to make it stop on a train track and get run over by a train, destroying it.



  • His bottom jaw is rigged to his torso rather than his head. This can cause multiple weird occurrences while he uses his animations.
    • His jaw is rigged this way so his exclusive chomping animation works correctly.
  • He gained Animation Override in Under New Management, alongside losing his Looking Down animation.
    • He later lost the ability.
  • His burrowed form can be added in via modding.
    • When this is done:
      • It costs 100 FazTokens to purchase.
      • Its description will be "placeholder".
    • As well as that, his menu icon uses the asset ID of 69696969, which leads to the game: herron1's Place if entered in the site URL.
      • The game has no relations with TPRR whatsoever.
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